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21 November 2022

The Vinogradovsky open-pit mine of Kuzbass Fuel Company won the volleyball tournament

On November 19, a friendly volleyball tournament among coal mining enterprises of the Belovsky district was held at the Belovsky Polytechnic College. The cup for first place was awarded to the team of the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine of the Kuzbass Fuel Company.

Representatives of trade union organizations of coal mining companies competed in the friendly tournament:
Vinogradovsky open-pit mine
Belovskaya Mine
Mine Listvyazhnaya

The Vinogradovsky mine team was represented by: Anatoly Chernyshev, Eduard Okkel, Dmitry Serg, Evgeny Gaponenko, Sergey Rykov, Nikita Shanin, Yuri Gunyakov, Alexander Pronkin and Dmitry Kotlubovsky.

The volleyball tournament included several stages, in each of which players had to score the maximum number of points. According to the results of the competition, the team from the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine won.

– We had a great game! We willingly participate in friendly tournaments every year. Such competitions perfectly charge with sporting emotions and strengthen friendly relations between teams of coal companies, – says tournament participant Dmitry Serg, deputy director for repair and operation of equipment at the Vinogradovksy open-pit mine of Kuzbass Fuel Company.