We follow principles of social responsibility in our tax policy and industrial and environmental safety rules, and support social and cultural initiatives.

We support communities
where we operate

Employees are proud of their company

We effectively implement programs aimed at environmental protection, improving working conditions, and promoting social and economic development of the region. The constructive dialog among business, authorities and society ensures social stability, and is vital for long-term and successful business development.


The environment protection is of crucial importance for preserving natural resources. We are aware of the responsibility and are committed to reducing the impact of coal production on the environment. Coal mining is accompanied by environmental measures aiming to preserve and protect the terrain and the atmosphere.

Social responsibility

The Company allocates substantial resources to social programs in the Kemerovo region, where it operates. We regard these as investments aiming to increase living standards of our employees.

KTK is involved into charity work, promotes social programs, education, culture and athletic development. Every year the employees’ children are provided with trip vouchers for recreational activities. We pay special attention to our employees’ fitness and health. Our employees participate in various sports competitions of both local and regional level.

Bilan Uzhakhov, CEO «KTK» PAO:

We have achieved the balance between economic profits and environmental care

Industrial safety

Special attention is paid to the production development. The Company’s experts give preference to the safest and fully-automated technologies. We are concerned about industrial safety of our employees and invest into programs aiming to improve production processes. For instance, commissioning of the state-of-the-art equipment reduced the required amount of manual labour and the mechanical failure rate.

We seek to be socially responsible. What does this mean to us?