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3 October 2022

Pensioners of the coal industry are provided with Kuzbass coal under a state contract with the Ministry of Energy of Russia

Pensioners – former employees of the coal industry, as well as disabled people and widows of miners living in houses with furnace heating – will receive free ration coal produced by Kuzbass Fuel Company.

Ration coal of the WPC/DPKO brands is issued under a state contract with the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

The geography of recipients covers the settlements of the Kemerovo region (Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Kemerovo, Kiselevsk, Leninsk-Kuznetsky, Novokuznetsk, etc.), as well as the city of Toguchin in the Novosibirsk region.

About 50 thousand tons of coal for 6,000 people will be allocated for these needs. Fuel delivery is carried out at the rate of 7.8 tons for people living in houses with stove heating, and 2.6 tons for people living in houses whose kitchens are equipped with fireplaces.

– From February to July 2022, 23 thousand tons of ration coal were issued. And from September to November 2022, it is planned to issue more than 25 thousand tons of fuel to pensioners and persons who enjoy the right to receive free ration coal, – the representative of the company explained.