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20 September 2022

The new Komatsu D375A-6 bulldozer was delivered to the Vinogradovsky section

A new 70-ton Komatsu D375A-6 bulldozer was put into operation at the Vinogradovsky section of the Kuzbass Fuel Company. The acquisition of a bulldozer is provided as part of the implementation of an investment program to upgrade the company's mining equipment fleet.

The Komatsu D375A crawler bulldozer of the sixth generation belongs to the super-heavy class. It is designed for layer-by-layer soil development, planning works and soil movement, as well as for layer-by-layer loosening of heavy, frozen soils and rocks.
Its power–to-weight ratio is also impressive: the turbocharged engine with minimal CO2 emissions develops power up to 619 hp. The capacity of the cutting blade is 22 cubic meters.

In the sixth generation of the D375A model, an electronic system for controlling power transmissions appeared. It compares the operator's actions with the sensor readings, so it reacts to them as accurately as possible. There is also a new automatic transmission, where you can turn on both automatic and manual gearshift mode. Due to new technical solutions, the equipment operates smoothly, without jerks, even during heavy work.
Management of the new equipment was entrusted to a team of experienced machinists under the leadership of brigadier Evgeny Vasilyevich Ilyushin.

Kuzbass Fuel Company annually implements an investment program to expand and update the fleet of production machinery and equipment of the Vinogradovsky mine. These investments are aimed not only at increasing production capacity, but also at improving production safety.