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25 May 2023

Kuzbass Fuel Company equipped BelAZ trucks with extra-large tires made in China

Kuzbass Fuel Company purchased extra-large-sized tires (ULTs) produced by the PRC company Haian Rubber Group Co. and equipped them with 10 BelAZ dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 220 tons at the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine.

The first few dozen Luan tubeless tubeless dump trucks of size 46/90R57 were successfully tested by dump truck drivers in real production conditions.

– After use, there were no complaints about the quality of Luan tires; they were not inferior in quality to their Western competitors, who stopped supplying them. Tires with high mileage and are not afraid of extreme temperatures and difficult roads. In addition, Luan has strong technical support. We also installed large-sized Luan 3300R51 tires on the BelAZ-75131, – comments Stanislav Cherepannikov, an engineer for the accounting of fuel and circulation units at the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine.

The modern radial tire size 46/90R57 with HA162 tread pattern is designed for use on mining dump trucks with a load capacity of 220 tons. Luan 46/90R57 tires have deep grooves and huge tread blocks, which makes them suitable for all quarry conditions, helping to have the best performance in parameters such as braking and cut resistance.

– Recently, mining enterprises have an acute problem of shortage of large tires for equipment, especially for BelAZ dump trucks. This is due to the fact that there is no production of large tires in Russia, and Western foreign spare parts have ceased to be supplied due to sanctions. SKGS Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd. Today I consider it the best alternative. One of the main advantages of Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd. is not only high quality products, but also high service. The company provides a full range of services, from consultation on the choice of tires to their installation and maintenance, – says Igor Ustyuzhanin, head of the mining and transport section of the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine.