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14 November 2023

Cascade-energo received a certificate of readiness for winter

The heating season in the city of Anzhero-Sudzhensk began on September 18. At this point, JSC Cascade-Energo (a subsidiary of Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company) has completed all work on heat and electrical networks in preparation for the autumn-winter heating season of 2023–2024.

In preparation for the heating season, power engineers carried out current and major repairs of main and auxiliary equipment. The company allocated 15.5 million rubles for these purposes.

Cascade-energo specialists carried out a major overhaul of the high-voltage electric motor and the suction ejector of the TG-3.5 heat generator turbine.

We also carried out routine repairs of 10 boilers and boiler auxiliary equipment, inspection and repair of 365 units of pipeline fittings and valves of boiler auxiliary equipment, 45 units of coal preparation and ash removal equipment, two turbogenerators, 50 pumps, and electrical equipment.

In addition, we carried out hydraulic tests of our own and leased heating networks, as a result of which we replaced 0.52 km of pipelines of main heating mains, 106 units of fittings and valves, inspected and repaired another 1,953 units of fittings and valves, and repaired 10 thermal chambers.

– The winter readiness passport is our main document, – says General Director Oleg Liventsev. – Its receipt shows the result of the work of our entire enterprise during the spring-summer repair season. Now our task is to get through the 2023–2024 heating season without any accidents, and then we will begin to prepare for the next one.