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25 August 2022

Kuzbass miners became the winners of the interregional professional skills competition

Miners from Kuzbass became winners of the interregional professional skills competition among workers of the coal industry of Siberia and the Far East. In 10 nominations for the main working professions of the coal industry, they beat colleagues from the Amur Region, the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Khakassia.
About 60 miners from 7 coal mining enterprises of 4 regions of the Russian Federation – the Amur Region, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia and Kuzbass competed for the title of the best professional.

The event was held at the Vinogradovsky coal mine in the format of a family festival dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the coal industry of the Russian Federation and the 75th anniversary of the professional holiday Miner's Day. The organizers were the company "Russian Coal" and "Kuzbass Fuel Company". Family entertainment, career guidance quizzes and attractions were available for guests.
The Miners' festival was opened by a historical parade of equipment dedicated to the development of the Russian coal industry. The legendary Konogon was the first to appear in front of the audience, because horses helped to export "black gold" from the mines until the early seventies of the last century.
The legendary Soviet "hard workers"- trucks of the middle of the last century - continued the march.
And modern technology completed the historical excursion – maneuverable loaders and giant BelAZ dump trucks whirled in a miner's waltz to classical music, as if performing ballet pirouettes.

It's time for the competition. About 300 spectators gathered at a specially created site that meets all the requirements of industrial safety to see the skill of the miners. Among them are not only colleagues, but also families of coal miners. The honorary guests of the holiday were the heads of mining equipment manufacturing companies.

The competitions were held in 10 nominations. Representatives of the main working professions of the coal industry competed for the title of the best professional – drivers of walking, electric and hydraulic excavators, bulldozer drivers, drivers of BelAZ dump trucks of different lifting capacities and loader drivers.

For the first time, electric and gas welders competed for the title of the best, without which timely and qualified repair of mining equipment is impossible.

The results of the participants were evaluated by a panel of judges, which included 15 judges - employees of coal mining enterprises of the Amur Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia and Kuzbass.

The competition program consisted of 2 parts – theoretical and practical. Practical tasks included both the work familiar to miners and extraordinary tricks on mining vehicles that require truly jewelry art from drivers and drivers..

As a result, the miners from Kuzbass won the championship in a tense struggle. The second place was taken by coal miners of Khakassia. Coal miners from the Amur Region and the Krasnoyarsk Territory were among the bronze medalist
All winners and prize-winners were awarded with solid monetary prizes and commemorative awards. In addition, the participants who took the first places will receive an additional salary supplement during the calendar year
The main task of each team of contestants is the exchange of experience and best production practices between regions, which will then be brought into the work of their teams. This contributes to the growth of labor productivity and the achievement of the highest production indicators.

Russian Coal and Kuzbass Fuel Company are among the largest coal companies in Russia in terms of total annual coal production (about 30 million tons). The total reserves of both companies exceed 2 billion tons of thermal coal. The enterprises employ over 9,000 people. Both companies annually invest billions of rubles in the renewal of the fleet of equipment, including as part of the import substitution program.