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29 June 2021

"Kuzbass Fuel Company" participates in the financing of a major environmental project in Kuzbass

"Kuzbass Fuel Company" under the Agreement on socio-economic cooperation with the Government of the Kemerovo region - Kuzbass for 2021 actively participates in the financing of leading environmental projects in the Kemerovo region.

The company allocated funds to support the project "Assessment of the carbon intensity of the economy and the carbon budget of the forests of the Kemerovo region - Kuzbass and the prospects for organizing carbon polygons in specially protected areas of regional significance" " being developed at Kemerovo State University.

In other words, scientists and industrial workers will minimize the impact of greenhouse gases on both the ecology of our region and its economy. Scientific activity on this project was carried out earlier by scientists and coal miners commissioned by the Kemerovo Region, but the main work has been carried out since June 2021.

The assessment of carbon intensity, according to one of the project managers,  is of enormous not only regional, but also international importance.

Due to the fact that Russia ratified the Paris Agreement in 2019, the Kuzbass will reduce the "carbon footprint" through recourse forest climate projects. For this purpose, new forests will be planted, sanitary records will be kept and the old forest will be cut down, which no longer takes away, but on the contrary, emits greenhouse gases.

The project also assesses the prospects for the creation of "carbon polygons" in protected areas of regional significance. This is a scientific laboratory that is designed to show which ecosystems absorb how much greenhouse gases, how much carbon is stored in the forest floor, and so on. There are already plans to create such sites in 10 regions of the Russian Federation. Kuzbass is also preparing to join them.

Environmental responsibility is one of the priority areas of corporate social responsibility of Kuzbass Fuel Company. Every year, the coal company invests tens of millions of rubles in environmental protection measures. These include monitoring of atmospheric air, measurements at the border of the sanitary protection zone of the enterprise, monitoring of underground and surface waters, as well as soil and snow cover, participation in regional and federal environmental actions, and others.