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20 February 2020

Safe production is the key to a successful enterprise

The unique computer system for assessing the state of the human body, Dynamics, operates at the enterprises of the Kuzbass Fuel Company. He is able to prevent the risk of sudden death of a person, assess his health and identify employees who cannot be allowed to work due to health reasons. There are no analogues to this complex at other coal mining enterprises of the region.

The unique modern development introduced at the enterprises of PJSC KTK — “Vinogradovsky Open-cut Mine” and Meret Fuel and Energy Complex is capable of detecting deviations in the functioning of the human body. If there is even the slightest deviation from the norm, the employee is suspended from performing professional duties and immediately delivered to a medical institution.

APK “Dynamics” is able to detect signs of infectious, colds and inflammatory diseases, changes in blood pressure in healthy people and patients with hypertension.

With the help of APK “Dynamics”, the quality of ongoing periodic medical examinations is assessed and the likelihood of developing an occupational disease is identified.

The computer complex examines the employee not only for diseases. He will tell you about violation of the regime of work and rest, pay attention to the fact that the employee is tired or overworked. It will evaluate all body systems and determine the degree of deviation of each of them.

Due to the state of health, in 2017, thanks to the Dynamics, 145 people were suspended from professional duties, in 2018 - 262, and according to incomplete data from the year 2019 — 201 employees of the company. This helped to reduce the number of visits to the health center during working hours. This means that it reduced the likelihood of accidents and industrial accidents as a result of a deterioration in the health status of employees.

“The introduction of an automated system of pre-shift medical examinations at the enterprises of the Kuzbass Fuel Company has become one of the most effective means of constantly monitoring the health status of company employees, and there have even been cases where the system literally helped save lives,” said ETC General Director Eduard Alekseenko .