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26 June 2018

Holding of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Public Joint Stock Company Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company

PJSC КТК (КТК, MICEX: KBTK), one of the largest producers and exporters of thermal coal in Russia, informs that Annual General Meeting of shareholders was held on 25 June

 2018 which approved the annual report and financial statements of the company based on 2017 results and elected the Board of Directors.

According to the voting results of the shareholders the following nominees enlisted in the list, which had been previously approved by the Board of Directors, were elected to the Board of Directors of PJSC KTK:

  • Danilov Vadim Vladimirovich
  • Prokudin Igor Yurievich
  • Prokudina Tatiana Vladimirovna
  •  Kazantsev Alexander Vladimirovich
  • Zarhin Vitaliy Yurievich

The General Meeting of shareholders decided on the dividend payment on the outstanding shares following the 2017 year-end results in the amount of 10 (ten) rubles 00 kopecks per 1 ordinary registered share with a nominal value of 0.2 (naught point two) rubles each. It was resolved to fix the record date of the list of persons entitled to receive 2017 year-end dividends on 06 July 2018.

Closed Joint Stock Company "Deloitte & Touche CIS" was appointed as an Auditor of financial statements of Public Joint Stock Company Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company under IFRS and RAS standards for 2018.

Contacts for press, analysts and investors:

Elena Sarycheva
Head of PR, IRO
+7 (3842) 77-18-80