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10 October 2023

Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company equipped 25 mining dump trucks of the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine with the OKO Mining system

Specialists from Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company installed an automated driver vigilance monitoring system on 25 mining dump trucks at the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine. The OKO Mining system was equipped with 10 BelAZ vehicles with a carrying capacity of 220 tons and 15 BelAZ vehicles with a carrying capacity of 130 tons.

The OKO Mining complex uses satellite navigation to determine the location and speed of the vehicle. The equipment includes two cameras, one of which is aimed at the road, the second at the driver; two infrared emitters that record eye movements and the direction of the driver’s gaze; antenna, optical sensors, calibration button, sound detector and vibration mechanism.

– The system uses an audible signal and a vibration motor to alert the driver to any signs of loss of concentration. The notification occurs in the “warning” mode and, if the driver does not react, the “alarm” mode is activated. The road situation and driver behavior are also recorded, – explained Igor Cheremnov, head of the department for the long-term development of mining production at KTС JSC.

At the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine, the OKO Mining complex was installed as part of preventive measures to reduce the risk of accidents. Its implementation will help avoid damage to equipment and disruptions to the operation of facilities, reduce the costs of eliminating the consequences of an accident, repairs and downtime, and, of course, increase the safety of working conditions and prevent threats to the lives of mine personnel.

– Every convoy leader and shift supervisor has access to the system. They can monitor the condition of the driver in every BelAZ equipped with the system, visually assess his condition and, if necessary, respond promptly, – said Igor Ustyuzhanin, head of the mining and transport department of the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine.

In addition, the OKO Mining directional camera can additionally be used to assess the condition of roads. To do this, it is enough to remotely connect to any of the BelAZ vehicles equipped with the system and observe the road situation in real time.