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20 April 2023

New equipment arrived at the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine of Kuzbass Fuel Company

At the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine of the Kuzbass Fuel Company, a new Hyundai HSL650-7A mini-loader was put into operation to mechanize loading and unloading operations. The acquisition of new equipment is provided as part of the implementation of the 2023 investment program.

Hyundai HSL650-7A is the youngest in the line of mini loaders from the Korean manufacturer, which is distinguished by the use of modern technical solutions that allow it to achieve best-in-class maneuverability and excellent controllability. The operating weight of this model reaches 2,690 kg, while the rated load capacity is 650 kg, and the tipping load is 1,310 kg. The 0.31 m³ bucket can be lifted to a height of up to 3 meters.

The front loader will load coal into skip hoists for subsequent reloading into bunkers. Thanks to the new loader, the operating cycle time is significantly reduced and, thereby, the entire production is optimized, – comments Sergey Kolmakov, section manager of the surface complex of the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine.

Loaders were not the only acquisition of the enterprise - as part of the investment program, in the 1st quarter of 2023, two new Niva Travel vehicles and a UAZ “Farmer” were also received.

– UAZ “Farmer” will be used by mountain mechanics as a vehicle for equipment repair. In addition, to improve the efficiency of the occupational safety department, we purchased one Niva, which will be used to conduct independent inspections. The second Niva was allocated to meet the needs of the processing plant, – explains Dmitry Serg, deputy director for repair and operation of equipment at the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine.