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25 July 2022

A new equipment was delivered to the Vinogradovsky section of the Kuzbass Fuel Company

A new Komatsu PC1250 hydraulic excavator has been put into operation at the Vinogradovsky section of the Kuzbass Fuel Company.

The purchase of a new excavator is provided for by the investment program for the renewal of the mining equipment fleet.

Komatsu PC1250 is one of the most popular models of heavy class excavators. Exceptional reliability and maximum performance of this model is ensured by the installation of protective rings of hydraulic cylinders, reinforced undercarriage and a thermally insulated power supply system.

The excavator weighing 248 tons is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 860 kW and a bucket with a volume of 6.7 m3. It also provides comfortable and safe working conditions for the driver – the soundproof cabin is protected from falling objects and overturning and is equipped with a multifunctional dashboard.

"This year, the updated BelAZ-75131 dump truck, which will work in conjunction with the Komatsu PC1250 excavator, also arrived at the Vinogradovsky mine. When performing stripping operations for a high–performance excavator, 3-4 large dump trucks with a lifting capacity of 130 tons will be involved," the representative of the enterprise said.

Now the Vinogradovsky section park has 24 Komatsu hydraulic excavators, more than half of which are PC1250 models that have no analogues. Walking and electric excavators are also used to perform stripping operations at the enterprise.

Kuzbass Fuel Company annually implements an investment program to expand and update the fleet of production machinery and equipment of the Vinogradovsky mine. These investments are aimed not only at increasing production capacity, but also at improving production safety.