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5 May 2021

"Kuzbass Fuel Company" planted 24 hectares of coniferous forest in Kuzbass.

" Kuzbass Fuel Company " continues implementation of ecological and environmental measures in the Kemerovo region. Such measures include systematic work on the restoration of the forest area in the region.

In 2020, the Kuzbass Fuel Company handed over 8.3 hectares of previously planted and grown coniferous forest in the Prokopyevsky district of the Kemerovo Region under the act of reforestation. In 2020, the company planted 16 hectares of coniferous forest in the Krapivinsky district of Kuzbass. In 2021, it is ready to hand over this forest area to the state.

"The restoration of the forest area is of great importance for the ecology of the region. It not only improves the quality of atmospheric air, but also allows you to preserve the biological diversity in the forest-steppe zone. From the first days of the work of PJSC "KTK", a responsible attitude to the environment has been set as a priority. The company regularly carries out work on the stocking of Kuzbass reservoirs for the restoration of aquatic bioresources, as well as a number of other environmental measures," the representative of the company said.

At the processing plants of the Kuzbass Fuel Company, a completely closed water cycle operates, and due to this, there is no discharge of wastewater into surface water bodies.

Kuzbass Fuel Company was one of the first companies in Russia to develop an environmental policy and an action plan to preserve the biodiversity of the Karakan Range and restore ecosystems on disturbed lands after coal mining. The pilot test for the development of a new technology for the restoration of steppe vegetation on land disturbed by mining operations was created in the course of cooperation between the company and a project of the United Nations Development Program and the Global Environment Fund with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia. For the first time in Kuzbass,  mechanized work was carried out to restore the carpet steppe on an area of 3 hectares.