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23 May 2012

OJSC «Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company». Consolidated Interim IFRS Financial Statements for three months ended 31 march 2012

Kemerovo, Russian Federation – OJSC “Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company” (RTS/MICEX: “KBTK”), one of the fastest-growing thermal coal producers in Russia, is pleased to announce the unaudited consolidated IFRS financial results for 3 months ended 31 March 2012.

  • Q1 2012 coal production of 2.18 mln. tonnes 19% higher year-on-year
  • Q1 2012 net profit of RUB 896 mln. 51% higher year-on-year
  • Additional RUB 333 mln. obtained in Q1 2012 as a result of foreign exchange gain
  • Q1 sales volume 16% lower quarter-on-quarter in line with seasonal slowdown in demand from peak in Q4 2011 and weakened demand in export markets
  • Weakness in export markets has led to lowered sales volume guidance for 2012
  • Strong progress in the Company’s main investment project, the construction of a second enrichment plant at the “Vinogradsky” open-pit mine with a capacity of 4.0 mln. tonnes with expected completion towards the end of 2012.

 Financial highlights

RUB mln. Q11
Ch. Q11
Revenue 6,652 7,550 -12% 5,425 23%
Cost of sales 5,358 6,043 -11% 4,135 30%
Production cash costs per tonne, RUB 777 700 11% 630 23%
Gross profit 1,294 1,507 -14% 1,110 17%
Gross profit margin 19.5% 20.0%   20.5%  
Distribution, administrative and other costs 448 440 2% 402 11%
Operating profit 846 1,067 -21% 708 19%
Operating profit margin 12.7% 14.1%   13.1%  
EBITDA3 1,117 1,360 -18% 948 18%
EBITDA margin 16.8% 18.0%   17.5%  
Net profit 896 776 15% 593 51%
Net profit margin 13.5% 10.3%   10.9%  

Revenue for Q1 2012 increased by 23% year-on-year (Q1 2011: RUB 5,425 mln.) but was 12% lower quarter-on-quarter at RUB 6,652 mln., (Q4 2011: RUB 7,550 mln.) due to a combination of seasonal slowdown coupled with reduced demand in export markets.

Average sales prices in Q1 2012 were 13% higher year on year and 5% higher quarter on quarter, EBITDA grew by 18% year-on-year to RUB 1,117 mln. (Q1 2011: RUB 948 mln.), however Q1 2012 EBITDA was 18% lower on a quarter on quarter basis (Q4 2011: RUB 1,360 mln.) as lower volumes were not offset by higher average sales prices during the quarter.

Net profit in Q1 2012 at RUB 896 mln. increased 51% year on year (Q1 2011: RUB 593 mln.) and increased by 15% quarter on quarter (Q4 2011: RUB 776 mln.) largely due to a positive impact from Rouble exchange rate movements.

RUB mln. 31.03.12 31.12.11 Ch. % of total 31.03.11 Ch.4
Long term loans 4,001 2,794 43% 76% 1,921 108%
Short term loans 1,237 1,753 -29% 24% 146 747%
Total debt, incl.: 5,238 4,547 15%   2,067  
Ruble-denominated 1,016 647 57% 19% 216 370%
Foreign currency-denominated 4,222 3,900 8% 81% 1,851 128%
Cash and cash equivalents 1,572 1,884 -17%   467 237%
Net debt 3,666 2,663 38%   1,600 129%
Net debt / EBITDA5 0.90 0.68 32%   0.72 26%

As at March 31, 2012 Net Debt amounted RUB 3,666 mln. It increased by 38% quarter-on-quarter (Q4 2011: RUB 2,663 mln.), and by 129% year-on-year (Q1 2011: RUB 1,600 mln.). At the reporting date the Net Debt to EBITDA ratio was 0.90. The Company’s debt increased as part of the investment program for 2012, in particular, the financing of the construction of the Kaskad-2 enrichment plant, which is due to come on stream towards the end of 2012. The plant will allow the Company to process 4 mln. tonnes of coal, leading to a significant increase in the percentage of enriched export quality coal and a reduction of low value added run of mine coal sales.

Operational highlights6

mln. Tonnes Q1
% of total Q4
Ch. Q1.
Coal production, incl.: 2.18   2.56 -15% 1.83 19%
Karakansky South 0.75 34% 0.87 -14% 0.69 9%
Vinogradovsky 0.37 17% 0.59 -37% 0.44 -16%
Cheremshansky8 1.07 49% 1.10 -3% 0.71 51%
Sorted coal 1.59 73% 1.52 5% 1.17 36%
Enriched coal 0.20 9% 0.19 5% 0.16 25%
Stripping, mln. cbm. 19.29   18.85 2% 14.69 31%
Blasted rock mass9, mln. cbm 9.54 49% 10.72 -11% 7.21 32%
Stripping ratio10 8.86   7.35 21% 8.03 10%
Average stripping transportation distance, km 3.33   2.95 13% 2.59 29%

In Q1 2012 the Company produced 2.18 mln. tonnes of coal, representing a 19 % increase year on year (Q1 2011: 1.83 mln. tonnes), production was down by 15% quarter-on-quarter (Q4 2011: 2.56 mln. tonnes) as a result of lower sales volumes.

The existing enrichment plant “Kaskad” at the “Cheremshansky” open-pit mine, which produces export quality coal, continued work at close to 100% capacity. The volume of quarterly production of enriched coal increased by 5% to 0.20 mln. tonnes (Q4 2011: 0.19 mln. tonnes).

In the Q1 2012 the volume of coal sorted by coal-crushing and screening units increased by 5% and amounted 1.59 mln. tonnes (Q4 2011: 1.52 mln. tonnes), up 36% higher than Q1 2011 (1.17 mln. tonnes). The stability of this volume reflects a reasonable demand for sorted coal among export clients of the Company, shipments that are not so affected by seasonality factors, however export markets saw weakness towards the end of the quarter.

Production cash costs

RUB mln. Q1
Ch. Q1
Consolidated cost of sales 5,358 6,043 -11% 4,135 30%
Excluding cost of sales of subsidiaries 705 877 -20% 432 63%
OJSC “KTK” cost of sales 4,653 5,166 -10% 3,703 26%
Depreciation (in cost of sales) -240 -279 -14% -203 18%
Purchased coal -234 -133 76% -220 6%
Change of inventory balances 89 33 170% 41 117%
Railroad tariffs and transportation costs -2,576 -2,992 -14% -2,158 19%
Production cash costs 1,693 1,797 -6% 1,154 47%
Share of production cash costs in consolidated cost of sales 32% 30%   29%  
Coal production, mln. tonnes 2.18 2.56 -15% 1.83 19%
Total cash costs per 1 tonne of coal, RUB 777 700 11% 630 23%

In Q1 Company's total Rouble operating cash costs decreased by 6% compared to Q4 2011 due to lower production volume. Production cash costs per tonne of coal increased by 11% quarter-on-quarter (Q4 2011: RUB 700 per tonne) and 23% year-on-year as the reduction in Rouble operating costs was smaller than the fall in production volumes quarter on quarter (15%), leading to an increase in per unit costs compared to Q4 2011.


mln. tonnes Q1
% of total Q4.
Ch. Q1
Sales12, incl.: 2.81   3.34 -16% 2.43 16%
Export sales 1.61 57% 1.77 -9% 1.40 15%
Domestic sales 1.21 43% 1.57 -23% 1.03 17%
Own coal 2.17 77% 2.60 -16% 1.92 13%
Coal re-sale 0.64 23% 0.74 -14% 0.51 25%
Average selling price13, RUB/tonne
1,352   1,285 5% 1,193 13%
Average export price, RUB/tonne 1,440   1,367 5% 1,203 20%
Average domestic price, RUB/tonne 1,233   1,192 3% 1,178 5%

The volume of coal sales in Q1 2012 decreased by 16% to 2.81 mln. tonnes (Q4 2011: 3.34 mln. tonnes) because of decrease of shipments to Eastern Europe. The Company sold 2.17 mln. tonnes of own coal and 0.64 mln. tonnes of coal purchased from third-parties and processed 0.20 mln. tonnes of coal. Within the reduced sales volumes, the share of export sales rose slightly from 53% to 57%.

Coal sales in the domestic market decreased by 23% at the completion of the heating season and the seasonal decline in demand and amounted 1.21 mln. tonnes (Q4 2011: 1.57 mln. tonnes). The export volume fell by 9% to 1.61 mln. tonnes compared to 1.77 mln. tonnes in Q4 2011. It should be noted the growth of exports compared to the Q1 2011, amounted to 15% (Q1 2011: 1.40 mln. tonnes).

In Q1 2012 Company’s largest export markets remained the Asia-Pacific region (57% of export volume) and Eastern European countries (42% of export volume). Export deliveries to customers in Eastern Europe decreased in Q1 2012 by 30%, reaching a level of 0.68 mln. tonnes (Q4 2011: 0.97 mln. tonnes) due to significant coal stocks in warehouses in Poland. Deliveries in the Asian-Pacific region grew by 15% and amounted to 0.92 mln. tonnes of coal (Q4 2011: 0.80 mln. tonnes).

In Q1 2012 the average price of coal increased by 5% quarter-on-quarter to RUB 1,352 per tonne net of VAT and railroad costs (Q4 2011: RUB 1,285 per tonne). The average domestic price increased by 3% to RUB 1,233 per tonne (Q4 2011: RUB 1,192 per tonne). The average export price continued its growth and reached RUB 1,440 per tonne, exceeding Q4 2011 price by 5% (RUB 1,367 per tonne). The average export price in the Asia-Pacific region reached RUR 1,472 per tonne, showing an increase of 18% compared to the Q4 2011 (RUR 1,250 per tonne) and an increase of 33% compared to the Q1 2011.(RUB 1,105 per tonne). The average selling price in the European market amounted RUB 1,421 per tonne. The strength in prices in Q1 2012 has not carried forward into Q2 due to deteriorating demand in the face of the ongoing macroeconomic turmoil.

Key events after reporting period

On April 16, 2012 the annual general meeting of shareholders approved by the payment of dividends for 2011 amounting to RUB 595,550,130, or RUB 6 per one ordinary share, which corresponds to 29.5% net profit for 2011 IFRS.

As a result of the voting stockholders formed a new Board of Directors of OJSC "Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company":

  • Igor Prokudin – CEO
  • Eduard Alekseenko – First Deputy CEO
  • Vadim Danilov - Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Yuriy Fridman - Independent Director
  • Alexander Williams - Independent Director?


Igor Prokudin, CEO of the Company, commented:

«The results of Q1 2012 showed a positive trend over the same period last year. During the quarter, all the targeted figures were held, actively conducted construction of second enrichment plant Kaskad 2, completed construction of fuel depot.

Also during this period there was a change of the Board of Directors of KTK. I am pleased to welcome a new member of the Board of Directors Independent Director Alexander Williams. I am confident that the introduction to the advice of an experienced and competent professional only increases the opportunities for our growth and supports our as a transparent and open company.

At the end of the quarter was marked change in market conditions in the coal market, which has made adjustments to the sales forecast for the future. Reduction in coal prices as the export and domestic market has forced management to make adjustments in the sales policy of the KTK in the near future. Overall the Company’s sales outlook is considered to be positive due to the fact that the structure of coal sales means that it is possible to rapidly adjust target markets and the share of each market in overall sales as the external market environment develops».

Current trading and outlook for Q2 2012

  • Due to the seasonality of coal consumption in Russia and the unfavorable price situation on export markets, the Сompany has reduced production schedule for the Q2 2012 by 2% from 1.92 mln. tonnes to 1.88 mln. tonnes of coal, of which 1.68 mln. tonnes will be run of mine and 0.20 mln. tonnes will be produced at the enrichment plant Kaskad.
  • Completed construction of a fuel depot, which is putting a positive effect on cost.. This project is characterized by a high-potential has a payback period, which does not depend on prices in export markets.
  • The company continues to build a second enrichment plant in the "Vinogradovsky" open-pit mine capacity of 4.0 mln tonnes per year and plans to commission towards the end of 2012.


Management believes that volume demand and possibly prices will be constrained in most export markets for the remainder of 2012 due to the ongoing economic turmoil and corresponding GDP contraction in the Euro area. Based on the price situation on export markets, the management of the KTK expects revenue, EBITDA and net profit saving performance in 2012 at the level of 2011 with a possible slight increase If a favorable situation on export markets develops in the second half of 2012.

Conference call

KTK’s management will host a conference call for investors and analysts followed by a Q&A session on the day of the results.

The Company will be represented by:
Eduard Alexeenko – First deputy CEO
Vasily Rumyantsev – Investor relations manager

The dial-in details are:
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Time: 09.00 New York / 14.00 London / 17.00 Moscow14
Title: Q1 2012 unaudited consolidated financial results conference call of OJSC “Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company”

You can join the conference call by dial-in:
Russia: +7 (495) 213-09-77
International/UK: +44 (0) 20 7784 1036
USA: +1212 444 0412
Conference ID: 9477659

A live webcast or downloading of the presentation will be available at:

The conference call replay will be available for 2 weeks:
International/UK Replay Number: +44 (0) 20 7111 1244
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The record and transcript of the conference call will be uploaded in 2 weeks:

Contacts for press:

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Elena Sarycheva
Head of public affairs department
Tel.: +7 (3842) 36-47-62

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OJSC "Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company" (Moscow)
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1 Hereinafter figures for Q1 2012 and Q1, Q4 2011 are presented unaudited.

2 Change rates in Q1 2012 to Q1 2011

3 EBITDA for each period is defined as results from operating activities, adjusted for amortization and depreciation, impairment loss and profit or loss on disposal of property, plant and equipment. EBITDA is not a measurement of Company’s operating performance under IFRS and should not be considered as an alternative to net income, operating income or any other performance measures derived in accordance with IFRS or as an alternative to cash flow from operating activities or as measure of the Company’s liquidity.

4 Change rates as at 31.03.12 to 31.03.11

5 Annualized EBITDA

6 The Company’s business is affected by seasonality of thermal coal demand in Russia and globally. This means its quarterly operational results can be subject to significant fluctuations. Historically, the Сompany has been producing more coal in Q3 and Q4 than in Q1 and Q2 of each year. However, the Company does not guarantee that this trend will continue in the future.

7 Change rates in Q1 2012 to Q1 2011

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11 Change rates in Q1 2012 to Q1 2011

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