Promotion of environmental awareness

Children going on an excursion at the open-pit mine
In collaboration with the V. Voloshina Centre of Children’s Additional Education (Kemerovo) PJSC KTK annually arranges children’s excursions to the Vinogradovsky and Cheremshansky Open-pit Mines

30 children, accompanied by two teachers, take part in the excursion. During the excursion the children visit an experimental test site of Vinogradovsky Open-pit Mine where during the last few years plant scientists have been restoring the lands disturbed by coal mining.

The pupils are told about the natural complex of the Karakan Ridge and the role of PJSC KTK in its conservation, about the process of coal mining and the operation of heavy vehicles.

The excursion takes 5 hours. The programme of the children’s visit provides the children with the transfer around the territory in compliance with safety requirements at the hazardous production facility as well as with the free lunch in the factory canteen.

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