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30 May 2022

Kuzbass Fuel Company has supported an environmental project in the Belovsky Municipal District

600 young trees have been planted on the territory of the Belovsky Municipal District. The planting material for the improvement of territories within the framework of charitable activities was provided by JSC "Kuzbass Fuel Company".

Pine and spruce seedlings were planted on the territory of the Belovsky municipal district of the Mencherepsky and Novobachatsky territorial administrations. Young trees were planted as part of the improvement of settlements, as well as to improve the environment. Local residents and government representatives took part in the environmental event.

"In the village of Khakhalino, seedlings were planted near the newly built rural House of Culture. The whole village went out to the landscaping of the territory. Residents will continue caring for seedlings and grow a beautiful park that will improve the ecology and serve as a rest for the villagers," representatives of the Administration of the Belovsky Municipal District said.

Every year, Kuzbass Fuel Company invests in carrying out a complex of environmental and environmental measures in the Kemerovo region. These include monitoring of atmospheric air, monitoring of underground and surface waters, as well as soil and snow cover, participation and financing of regional and federal environmental actions, and others. Kuzbass Fuel Company was one of the first in Russia to develop an environmental policy and an action plan for the conservation of the biodiversity of the Karakan Range and restoration of ecosystems on disturbed lands after coal mining. The company actively contributes to the restoration of aquatic bioresources affected during the development of sections of the Karakansky coal deposit.

Within the framework of environmental and nature protection programs, the company pays special attention to landscaping and reforestation in the Kemerovo region. In 2020 – 2021, KFC planted 24 hectares of coniferous forest in Prokopyevsky and Krapivinsky districts of Kuzbass. In 2021, Kuzbass Fuel Company became a regional partner of the international action "Garden of Memory", organized by the All-Russian public Movement "Volunteers of Victory" and the Victory Commanders Memorial Fund with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia and the Federal Forestry Agency as part of the national project "Ecology".

"The restoration of the forest area is of great importance for the ecology of the region. It not only improves the quality of atmospheric air, but also allows you to preserve biological diversity in the forest-steppe zone. From the first days of KFC's work, a responsible attitude to the environment has been a priority," the company's representative said.