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18 April 2022

Kuzbass Fuel Company supports the development of vocational education

JSC "Kuzbass Fuel Company" has been cooperating for many years with specialized educational institutions of the Belovsky district of the Kemerovo region, where the main production asset of the company is located – the Vinogradovsky coal mine. Over the past three years alone, more than 230 students have completed production and pre-graduate internship at the enterprise.

As part of the development of vocational education, KFC JSC has been cooperating with the Belovsky Polytechnic College for five years. The institution trains middle-level coal industry specialists in such professions as: car mechanic, car mechanic, process engineer, welder, surveyor, car maintenance and repair specialist and others. In addition to secondary vocational education, college students have the opportunity to simultaneously master specialized working professions in the department of Additional Vocational training.

As part of the agreement between KFC JSC and the Belovsky Polytechnic Technical School, students of this educational institution undergo practical training at the Vinogradovsky coal mine with the possibility of subsequent employment, including young specialists are accepted immediately after training, without work experience. The internship lasts from a week to 1 month, and the pre-graduation - up to 2 months. Every year about 50 students of the technical school undergo practical training at the Vinogradovsky section, and many of them become employees of the enterprise.

The Vinogradovsky section is also a basic enterprise for practical training in the Center for Additional Professional Training in popular working professions, for example: coal miner, loader driver, miner, chemical analysis laboratory assistant, excavator driver assistant, sampler, electrician, as well as excavator, bulldozer, drilling rig, sorting, conveyor, crane, pumping unit, enrichment plants , etc .

Practical training on the basis of KFC JSC, one of the largest companies in the region, allows educational institutions to train qualified personnel not only for the coal enterprises of the Kemerovo region, but also for the entire domestic coal mining industry.