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5 April 2022

Kuzbass Fuel Company provides assistance to religious organizations

Charitable coal from the Kuzbass Fuel Company was sent to the religious organization Nikolo-Shartomsky Monastery of the Shuisky Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. The monastery is located in the village of Vvedenye, Shuisky district, Ivanovo region of Russia.

Nikolo-Shartomsky Monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church is one of the oldest monasteries in the country. The first documentary mention of him is present in the spiritual charter of 1425.

"Having in our care a children's shelter with more than 70 children, a school, churches and buildings, we, unfortunately, cannot purchase the coal needed for heating without outside help. Thanks to coal, more than 100 people will live next winter in warmth, and parishioners will not freeze in churches," explained Abbot George, the monastery's economist.

In 2020, the coal miners did not let the monastery freeze by sending charity fuel for its heating - 3 cars of thermal coal directly to the Shuya railway station. The social partnership continues this year: 70 tons of charity coal are planned to be shipped for the needs of the religious organization.

Charitable assistance to the needy is an integral part of the social policy of the Kuzbass Fuel Company. CPC also systematically provides social support to educational, cultural, and sports institutions located in the region of the company's presence.