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27 December 2021

Novosibirsk Fuel Corporation increased the supply of Kuzbass coal

In 2021 Novosibirsk Fuel Corporation has increased the volume of coal sales to the population of the Novosibirsk region compared to 2020. All obligations of "NFC" to consumers are fulfilled in full, according to the company.

For the sale of coal to the population of the Novosibirsk region since the beginning of 2021, over 213 thousand tons of thermal coal have been shipped, which is 10% higher than shipments of the same period last year – 194 thousand tons of fuel. At the same time, in the second half of 2021, the volume of shipments increased by 15% compared to 2020 - from 141 to 162 thousand tons of fuel.

"Despite the existing difficulties with the rolling stock, the company fulfills all its obligations to supply coal in full. There are no facts of fuel shortages under contracts concluded with NTK in 2021. The sale of coal to the population of the Novosibirsk region is carried out strictly within the framework of current legislation – at prices approved by the Department of Tariffs of the Novosibirsk region. Under the influence of market conditions, most retailers stopped selling solid fuel to the population, as a result of which, at the beginning of the heating season, the demand for coal from the residents of the region sharply increased in our warehouses. But we are taking all measures to satisfy the requests of all residents of the Novosibirsk region who have contacted us. During peak periods of demand at the warehouses of "NTK", indeed, there were no some coal grades, but at the same time, our company did not have any facts of refusal to sell coal to the population in 2021.

In the situation of a significant increase in prices for thermal coal, in 2021, LLC NTK keeps prices for the housing and communal services sector of the Novosibirsk region at the level of last year. Despite overdue debts under municipal contracts, NTK fulfills all its obligations to supply coal.

Thanks to the measures taken by the Government of the Novosibirsk region, by the end of the year it was possible to stabilize the situation according to the calculations of utilities for coal, which has a positive effect on the provision of the Novosibirsk region with coal. At the moment, the Novosibirsk Region is one of the few regions where deliveries are carried out as planned," said a representative of the Novosibirsk Fuel Corporation.

Novosibirsk Fuel Corporation has been selling coal to the population, social enterprises and housing and communal services of the Novosibirsk Region since 1997. The sale of coal takes place through coal warehouses located on the territory of the districts of the region. The company includes 27 points of sale of thermal coal.