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23 November 2021

For 10 months of 2021, coal production in the Kuzbass Fuel Company increased by 40%

In January - October 2021, 10.3 million tons of "D" grade coal were produced at the Vinogradovsky section of the Kuzbass Fuel Company. This is 40% higher than the production figures of the same period in 2020, which amounted to about 7.4 million tons of coal.

The volume of coal of the Kaskad-1 and Kaskad-2 plants for 10 months of 2021, compared with the result of 10 months of last year, also increased by 40% - from 3.5 to 4.9 million tons.

According to the results of 2020, Kuzbass Fuel Company entered the rating of the largest companies in Russia RBC-500. The company's coal reserves amount to more than 500 million tons.

Coal of the "D" brand with a caloric content of 5450-5550 and 5750-6000 kCal /kg, extracted at the Vinogradovsky section of the Kuzbass Fuel Company, is characterized by a low ash content, a small amount of sulfur and a high calorific value. More than 50% of the extracted fuel is processed at two processing plants of the company. The products of KFC are shipped for the needs of large-scale power generation, private households, municipal boiler houses and industrial consumers, and are also exported.