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23 October 2020

In Kuzbass, at the experimental landfill of the Vinogradovsky open-pit mine (PJSC Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company), work has been completed on the feather-grass steppe after restoration

An experimental test site for the development of a new technology for the restoration of steppe vegetation on lands disturbed by mining was created in the course of cooperation of the Kuzbass Fuel Company with the United Nations Development Program and the Global Ecological Fund Project with the support of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources.

An industrial experiment was carried out at the landfill, which included the preparation of the surface of the dump of rocks, the preparation of hay for mature cereals and the application of a grass-seed mixture to the prepared surface. On an area of ​​3 hectares, the first mechanized work was carried out in Kuzbass to restore the feather grass steppe.

Methodological recommendations for a new nature-like technology were approved by the Board of the Administration of the Kemerovo Region and recommended to mining enterprises for use in the territory of Kuzbass. This technology for the restoration of vegetation was included in the new state standard as the best available technology (GOST R No. 57446-2017).

Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company was one of the first in Russia to develop an environmental policy and action plan for the conservation of the biodiversity of the Karakan Range and restoration of ecosystems on disturbed lands after coal mining. This experience of coal miners is not only advanced for Kuzbass, but is also one of the world's best practices.

PJSC Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company (PJSC KTK) is one of the largest producers and exporters of thermal coal in Russia. The Company's production assets include four operating and one projected site at the Vinogradovsky coal mine in the Kemerovo Region, as well as two processing plants and its own railway infrastructure located in a single production cluster with mining enterprises. The company operates a retail network in 4 regions of Western Siberia and provides coal to more than 400 thousand households and a thousand municipal and commercial boiler houses. The Company employs about 5,000 people.

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