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24 September 2019

KTK PJSC acquired new equipment for restoration of steppe vegetation and conservation of biodiversity of disturbed lands.

For the first time, KTK PJSC used equipment to mechanize work to restore steppe vegetation and preserve the biodiversity of disturbed lands.
 The hay roll shredder (IR-1.8) arrived at the Vinogradovsky open pit. This technique was acquired for the mechanization of restoration of steppe vegetation, not only on flat surfaces, but also on the slopes of disturbed lands.
A roll of hay mowed at experimental sites is automatically placed in a chopper, processed and, with the help of a blower, spreads to a distance of 20 meters evenly.
Earlier, PJSC Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company, together with specialists from the Kuzbass Botanical Garden, developed a technology for restoring steppe vegetation on the surface of dumps.
“The experiment showed that it is possible to restore the steppe with a projective cover of 70% and about 30 species of steppe plants. 4 years of observations at experimental sites showed that the structure of the community is becoming more complicated, plants bear fruit and do not fall out of the community, but on the contrary also settle in the adjacent territory. Therefore, specifically for the mechanization of the restoration of the steppe on the dumps, the management of KTK PJSC decided to purchase this equipment, ”commented Yuri Manakov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Head of the Laboratory for Environmental Assessment and Biodiversity Management.