25 May 2021

Kuzbass Fuel Company is developing a modern ecological system of treatment facilities

Kuzbass Fuel Company continues to develop an automated complex of treatment facilities at the company's production assets. Due to this, 100% of the quarry waters of the Vinogradovsky section are being cleaned.

Within the framework of environmental programs, Kuzbass Fuel Company pays special attention to the careful attitude to water resources. In 2021, a new stage of a large-scale complex of treatment facilities was put into operation at the company's enterprises. It purifies domestic, quarry and surface waters.

There are treatment facilities with a total capacity of 7203 m3/hour (9179322.1 m3/year), with an area of 6.75 hectares, operate at each of the 4 sections of the Vinogradovsky section.

The company is monitoring the study of the quality of cleaning of household and quarry waters. The research is carried out by specialized independent organizations.

A pumping and filtering station for drinking water supply is also installed at one of the enterprise's sites, which allows purifying water to drinking standards and using it for household needs, following the principles of rational use of water resources. The water treatment technology is fully automated and is produced in 5 stages.

Every year, the coal company invests tens of millions of rubles in environmental protection measures. These include monitoring of atmospheric air, measurements at the border of the sanitary protection zone of the enterprise, monitoring of underground and surface waters, as well as soil and snow cover, participation in regional and federal environmental actions, and others.