30 March 2021

In 2020, PJSC KTK continued social support for retired coal miners

In 2020, which turned to be a difficult year not only for Russia, but also for the whole world, in the face of an unstable epidemic situation due to the world pandemic of COVID-19, PJSC KTK invested over 7.3 million rubles in the implementation of a set of social support measures for those who were especially in need of care and attention during this difficult period – coal miners of the Kemerovo region, who went on hard-earned rest. Pensioners of the company were provided with the charity coal and compensated for the heating costs. Also they got sponsorship financial support from the company. Those miners were honored guests of corporate and festive events of the company in conditions when the epidemic situation allowed it. 
PJSC KTK also has a special category of retired miners - holders of the honorary title "Honored Worker of the Company" (there are III, II and I degrees). It is awarded for achievements in improving the efficiency of the company, improving the quality and competitiveness of mined coal, promoting it to the world market, ensuring production safety and labor protection, ensuring growth and labor productivity, introducing new equipment and technologies, as well as for impeccable, conscientious work and many years of service in the company.