Registrar services

Details of register holder of OAO Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company:
Full name used in the Articles of association Joint Stock Company Nezavisimaya Registratorskaya Company (Independent Registrar Company). (Full name before 06.10.2015 — Joint Stock Company Computershare Registrar. Full name before 14.07.2015 — Closed Joint Stock Company Computershare Registrar)
License number, issued by authorized federal government agency License No 045-13954-000001 issued by the Bank of Russia, date of issue: 06.09.2002, perpetual license.
Head: full name/title Vadim Anatolyevich Protasenko, General Director
Registered address / postal address Russian Federation, 121108, Moscow, ul. Ivana Franko, 8
Details of the contract made with the register holder Services contract for maintaining the share register No ДП/0937-РЕГ2010 dated 29.10.2010
Bank details of the register holder KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code) 773101001 OGRN (Principal State Registration Number) 1027739063087 INN (Taxpayer’s Identification Number) 7705038503
settlement account 40702810300002403171 with AO Raiffeisenbank, Moscow
BIK (Bank Identification Code) 044525700
correspondent account 30101810200000000700
Telephone: +7 (495) 926-81-60
Fax: +7 (495) 926-81-78